New special for the fall season with Zaful!

3:44 PM

Now that the fall season is amongst us, it's time to prepare your new outfits for Autumn/ Winter! Zaful and I are talking about looking good in the fall season, what better way than with a sweater/sweatshirt. We prepared and proudly present to you the 2017 fall season collection! No matter if you're a lover of cardigans, tunics, or lace-up sweaters, we have them all included. Here are some of Zaful's most recommended.
This boat neck sweater deserves to be one of the must-have items. Comfortable and easy to match with different outfits. Perfect for outdoor activities as well!
shop link

This boat neck lace-up sweater which suits any occassion, also comes in other colors too!
check it out.

A spice-colored zipper sleeve choker sweater with great quality and unique design, simple but so attractive!

Here's a great opportunity to feel warm and look cute at the same time, click on the link below to add these fine and great deals to your wardrobe. The cooler weather will be here soon, better hurry!


Fall is here!

3:19 PM

Fall is officially here!! Although deep in the heart of Texas, we are still feeling the 90 degree temperatures, we are still excited and ready to start a new season. I love fall weather, the cool nights are so perfect to go sit outside and enjoy dinner or a delicious beer. 
For fall, I normally crave the same fashion: booties, maroon lipsticks, warm coffee (I normally drink iced), pumpkin scented candles, opaque tights and chunky bright earrings. 
This year is similar, BUT I'm hoping to go with more bold styles and patterns. I want to wear sequin booties (I'm hoping my boss orders some for the store!!), chunky crazy sweaters, and put tights under everything. I'm always into darker lipsticks year round, but I guess it feels more acceptable to wear it in the fall season. I can't wait for that first cool front to drop down here! In the meantime, I'll just keep getting my fall wardrobe ready.

Links to everything pictured below:

Sweaters: white sweater, mauve sweater, mustard sweater
Booties: tan booties, cheetah booties, velvet booties
Lipsticks: milani in "black cherry", maybelline in "coffee addiction"
Earrings: turquoise earrings, white fan earrings, silver chunky earrings
Candles: both are from Khols
Coffee Tumbler: "messy hair, don't care" tumbler

What are some of your fall favorites? Let me know!


Quick Trip to LA!

11:31 AM

Last week, I went on a quick trip to Los Angeles with my boss to shop for the boutique I work at. We were there for 4 days, and it was nearly not enough to see what California has to offer, I had yet to go to Cali, so I wanted to see everything! I always thought of myself more as a east coast kinda gal, but my experience in LA was really nice, I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The weather was so great, and coming from south Texas, I was mind-blown when I heard some people do not have air conditioners in their homes! That is something unheard of here where temperatures reach 115! We went down to the Hollywood area, and it was such a circus, people are crazy in that area, and it was unlike anything I had seen before (I thought Austin was weird). It was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I enjoyed the crazy people and the even crazier driving! We spent most of the time in the fashion district shopping at the stores there, and the fashion in LA was SO wonderful. I loved the effortless, free-spirited fashion everyone wasn't scared to sport. I live in a city where people are very close-minded and are not very daring with their fashion sense! Although, slowly people are catching on to the fashion world down here... it was SO cool to see people sporting big pants, and colorful tennis! I fell in love with the world of being a "buyer" and although at times it felt a little overwhelming being surrounded by boxes and boxes and walls of clothing everywhere you turn, in the end it was such a fun experience. So thankful to work with the company I work at, making my dreams come true!


Beach Essentials from Zaful!

11:22 PM

As summer is nearing to an end, there's still a couple more weeks to enjoy! I know I just got back from the beach, but I'm already planning another trip in a couple weeks with my boyfriend. I definitely will be needing a new swimsuit and right now I'm currently eyeing these swimsuits from 'Zaful', so cute, and at such an amazing price! I'm also thinking about trying out the off the shoulder bikini; of course I've gotten tops with that trend, but I have yet to try it out in a bikini style. I currently have these two on my wish list! Aren't they adorable?!

A few other things I'm eyeing to take along with me to the beach are:

--> this super cute crop top to pair with high-waisted shorts!

-->  and this super cute summer dress for walking around and having dinner.
and lastly of course, I need a simple bag to carry around that isn't too big or bulky, we're at the beach, simplicity is in full mode! I fell in love with this simple grey bag, you can carry it as a handbag or as a shoulder bag, my favorite, because I never know how I'll be feeling that day!

There is so much to choose from on their site and for all occasions, you definitely will find something! As a thank you and to help you feel fabulous and fancy all summer Zaful is offering all my readers a 10% off code, to discover all the newest summer arrivals!
surprise code is: "ZFEN"
enter that at check-out and you get even more awesome-ness!
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